Property Strategies Australia Pty Ltd is a valuation and land economy practice that provides a complete valuation and property advisory service for all classes and interests in land, with specialist expertise in Local Government matters.
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Valuation and Property Advisory Services  

Valuation and Property Advisory Services


Property Strategies Australia Pty Ltd, trading as Maher Property Services provides a complete Property Advisory Service including valuation, land economics and development advice and feasibility.
We provide comprehensive valuation and property advisory services to a number of Local and State Government Authorities and Corporations, in addition to the private sector, in the following areas:
  • Current Market Value Assessments
  • Retrospective Market Value Assessments
  • Lease and Rental Market Valuations and Reviews
  • Compensation Valuations under Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act 1991
  • Strategic Asset Reviews
  • Asset Rationalisation
  • Asset Valuation under Australian Accounting Standards
  • Insurance Valuations
  • Property and Valuation Advisory - Highest and Best use of land and Investment advice
  • Valuations for all classes of land - free hold, leasehold
  • Acquisition and disposal of land for public purposes
  • Acquisition of land for public purposes under Local Environmental Plans and Local Government Act.
We would be happy to discuss any property related matters with you, so for an obligation free consultation or for a copy of the fee schedule, please contact us on:
T: (02) 4948 2680                  F: (02) 4948 2720                  M: 0409 461 850                 

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